Thou Shalt Not Judge!

Common Claim:  “Hey!  Judge not!  You can’t tell me what’s right or wrong!  Jesus himself said ‘Judge not!’” Answer:  The spiritually lost usually don’t know much of the bible but they do know those two words from Matthew 7!  Unfortunately, even some self-professing Christians aren’t aware of the full context they were used in.  So, … More Thou Shalt Not Judge!

Do We Stay With God’s Word or Add, Subtract or Defy It?

The similarities between the Orthodox faith and Roman Catholicism are so numerous how could one not confuse one with the other? Protestantism today has thousands of denominations. That’s because they’re are a free people.   Those inside the Roman or Orthodox beliefs say they’re heretical.  It’s true, some denominations are.  That’s the price we pay for … More Do We Stay With God’s Word or Add, Subtract or Defy It?

Papal Infalibility

Papal infallibility was officially declared in 1870 during an ecumenical council. The wording of the decree was written and debated over a period of months but eventually declared official church dogma by a final split vote, but never a unanimous one. The idea had been around for a while prior to 1870. It was a … More Papal Infalibility