The Feast of Purim

The Feast of Purim is a celebration of the Jewish nation’s salvation from an evil plot conceived by a member of the court of the King of Persia, known in the Greek language as Xerses I (Khshayarsh in Persian; Ahasuerus in Hebrew).  This attempt at holocaust arose sometime between 483-464 B.C., shortly after Xerses’ costly … More The Feast of Purim

Our Gentile Hearts Should Burn for Passover

After our lord and master’s crucifixion two disciples, dejected and perhaps fearing for their lives, were leaving Jerusalem for Emmaus about twenty miles away.  They were discussing his arrest, trial and death when a stranger (who they didn’t recognize was Jesus) joined them.  Their new acquaintance inquired what they were talking about.  They figured him … More Our Gentile Hearts Should Burn for Passover

Hanukkah, or The Feast of Dedication

Hanukkah, the feast of re-dedication or as its sometimes called the Feast of Dedication is an eight day festival of lights.  To understand how this celebration and remembrance came about which begins at sundown, December 12th lasting until sundown Wednesday, December 20th, one must re-visit ancient Middle Eastern history to the time when Alexander the Great … More Hanukkah, or The Feast of Dedication