Jesus Never Spoke About the LBGTQ Lifestyle! Pt. 2

The Common Claim: Jesus never addressed homosexuality!   In fact Christians are often accused of making a big deal out of something Jesus never talked about even once! Answer:  As described in Part 1, Jesus indeed spoke about homosexuality as a member of the Godhead. He repeated himself in Matthew 5:27-32, and 19:4-9. In Matthew … More Jesus Never Spoke About the LBGTQ Lifestyle! Pt. 2

Thou Shalt Not Judge!

Common Claim:  “Hey!  Judge not!  You can’t tell me what’s right or wrong!  Jesus himself said ‘Judge not!’” Answer:  The spiritually lost usually don’t know much of the bible but they do know those two words from Matthew 7!  Unfortunately, even some self-professing Christians aren’t aware of the full context they were used in.  So, … More Thou Shalt Not Judge!

All You Need is Love!

Common Claim: People who live the homosexual lifestyle like to claim that their blissful love for each other, especially a monogamous love, is a reflection of the highest height of New Testament teachings about love!  Makes you wanna break out singing that old Beatles tune doesn’t it?   “All you need is love!  All you need … More All You Need is Love!