All You Need is Love!

Common Claim: People who live the homosexual lifestyle like to claim that their blissful love for each other, especially a monogamous love, is a reflection of the highest height of New Testament teachings about love!  Makes you wanna break out singing that old Beatles tune doesn’t it?   “All you need is love!  All you need is love!  All you need is love! Love!  All you need is love!”  That was a nice toe tapper but are they correct in their claim? No.

Answer:   Their concept of love has more to do with Tina Turner’s Theology- “What’s love got to do with it!”

When the Pharisees once asked Jesus which of the Ten Commandments were the most important they wanted to trap him.  They didn’t care what his answer would be.  It could have been the 1st , the 5th, 7th, or the 10th, as they were ready to pounce on him.  That’s because there were differing opinions on which of the ten was supreme over the others.  Jesus, wise to them, answered by saying “Love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind.” What kind of an answer was that you ask?

Well, it’s a summary of the first four commandments.  The second most important command he said was “Love your neighbor as yourself” a summary of the 5th thru the 10th, on how we should behave toward others.  Paul repeated this in Romans 13:8-10, where he points out that to love one’s neighbor is the fulfillment of the law.  See, the first four call for obedience to God’s law and the other for loving our neighbor.  See the beautiful harmony between the two, obedience to the Lord and love toward others within the context of God’s law?

When people get married they often like to have 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, read at their ceremonies.   These verses were part of a letter to the church in Corinth that Paul planted.  The place was full of all kinds of problems.  Sexual immorality then like now abounded.  One man was sleeping with his mother in-law.  Others were suing  and constantly bickering with each other.  Paul was trying to show the Corinthians what their conduct towards each other should be.  Here it is in the New American Standard version:

4 Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, 5 does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, 6 does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth;  7 bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Paul wrote these passages outside of the three variations of the word “love” used in the Greek language in his time.  There is erós which describes an erotic love.  There is storgē meaning the love between family members, and philia love which is spontaneous, or liking or being friends with someone.  These verses were based instead on  agapē love.  It’s the love we should have towards God, mimicking the love he has for us; but that’s not all.

It’s a love that should come from us to our another that we might not particularly like or agree with.  It is a love that transcends our differences.  An agape love compels us to treat that person right even if they don’t acknowledge or appreciate it.  We accept him and do all that we can to build him up in or bring him to the faith.  That kind of love should be the kind of love a Christian extends to the homosexual; helping him or her to see they are living a lifestyle that angers God and they’re risking eternal condemnation until they repent and come (especially for the Gay Christian) to the true faith

Paul’s saying in vs. 4-7, that a person with an agape love won’t insist on always getting their way.  Tell me, should anyone marry someone who would always want things their way?  It wouldn’t be a wise choice would it?  It could only be worse when two are that way, like homosexuals who get “married.”  They’re insisting on their way, against God’s law aren’t they.  If they’ll defy God’s law by first participating in a homosexual lifestyle then secondly top it off with a warped version of what God considers holy matrimony, where’s the agape love toward God or his law?

Notice how verse 6 calls for rejoicing in righteousness.  What is righteousness?  The Webster’s textbook definition is:  acting in accord to divine or moral law; free from guilt or sin.  Would you agree that the divine law of God is a long forgotten concern of gay people?  In fact didn’t homosexuals and their enablers dance in the streets when the U.S. Supreme Court contradicted God’s definition of marriage?  I think its fair to say that homosexuals are far beyond feeling any sense of guilt.  They know what God’s law says so, so much for rejoicing in righteousness, living within God’s divine law free from guilt.

Verse 7 also talks about believing all things and enduring all things.  Christians strive to endure all things.  They accept the set backs, disappointments and obstacles of life because they know God brings them from time to time for his glory.  In short when they don’t get their way they don’t shake their fists at God and defy him.  They endure God’s “No” and go on with life, thankful for the things He says “Yes” to.  Homosexuals aren’t like that and especially the gay Christians who claim they’re so in love with the Lord.  Believing to them doesn’t include accepting God’s condemnation of their sin.  If they decide they want to get “married” they don’t care if it breaks God’s law; they’re going to do it and just you try and stop them!  Where’s the love of divine things?

It also says love doesn’t rejoice in doing wrong but they rejoice in showing their rebellion against God’s clear word.  Just check out the the next gay pride parade that comes along.  So naturally and by logical deduction they’re not in true love.  That’s because true biblical love would never embrace wrongdoing, conduct that God calls a grievous sin!  Do you see the ugly rebellion toward God and his law?

One final thought:  For a class of people so tuned into love and thoughts of love you’d think they’d be tuned into not just the horizontal love between themselves but the vertical love God has for them.  You’d think they’d be thankful for the greatest act of love from the author of love- God and his gift to all of us- his only son dying on the cross for our sins.  And one would think that if they were truly loving and thankful to God they’d honor the roles he intended for the gender they were created with and his definition of the institution He created- holy matrimony.   Why don’t they just find some nice, poetic, loving things to read at their weddings from some secular source instead of God’s word?  They’re condemned enough already unless they repent!

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