“I was born that way!”

Image courtesy of wikipedia.org
Image courtesy of wikipedia.org

How many times have we heard some gay person say: “But I’ve known about my true orientation since I was a child!”  “I was born that way!”  To put it nicely that is a crock! Know why?  Its because only if a kid is raised inside a bordello would he have sexual thoughts or concerns.

Little kids will explore themselves and others around them, learning they have fingers and toes, a naval and a nose, etc.  It’s only when they reach puberty that they begin to figure out their role IN their gender, not figuring out WHAT their gender is.  That’s of course about the time when their kooky parents, some brain washed teacher at school, or a psychologist, or gay activists and their enablers will come along with their “Well, you know, you just might be gay” observation.

So here’s what you should do when someone says “I was born that way.”   Ask them to verify that claim. See they won’t and they can’t as there is no confirmed, peer reviewed scientific research to back it up.  But you will get lots of sincere claims, even some on-looker “me too” stories and accounts but not a shred of any hard, medical documentation to back it up. That only means one thing- “But I’ve been that way since I was a child” is a lie and too many people are being allowed to get away with using it.  See, these are people just as normal as you or I.  They aren’t born gay.  They just choose to engage in gay conduct.  There have always been people like that from as way back in time since Noah and his family left the Ark.

Okay, that’s just me.  What about the scientific community; and not just the scientific community but those in it who are honest?  What do they say about the claim that “I was born that way”*:

First, a landmark study published in The Journal – The New Atlantis, is a well-known publication of science, technology and ethics.  One article recently analyzed the scientific evidence of LGBT issues published to date in scientific journals.

This report in the August 23rd, 2016, edition was authored by two eminent scholars.  First was Dr. Lawrence Mayer, a professor of psychiatry and statistics and bio-statistics at Arizona State University.  He stated in the preface to the study that he has testified in dozens of federal and state legal proceedings strongly supporting equality and opposing discrimination for the LGBT Community.  However, Dr. Mayer stated he supports every sentence in this report without reservation since it is about science and medicine.  He also stated he was alarmed to learn during his review of over 500 scientific articles that the LGBT community bears a disproportionate rate of mental health problems compared to the population as a whole.

The other author is Dr. Paul McHugh, one of the leading psychiatrists in the world. He was psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore from 1975 to 2001.  Scientists there reviewed hundreds of peer reviewed studies on sexual orientation and gender identity from the biological, psychological and social sciences.  Their conclusions were as follows:

  • The belief that sexual orientation is an innate, biologically fixed human property – that people are “born that way” – is not supported by scientific evidence.
  • The belief that gender identity is an innate, fixed human property independent of biological sex – so that a person might be a ‘man trapped in a woman’s body’ or ‘a woman trapped in a man’s body’ – is not supported by scientific evidence.
  • Only a minority of children who express gender-atypical thoughts or behavior will continue to do so into adolescence or adulthood. There is no evidence that all such children should be encouraged to become transgender, much less subjected to hormone treatments or surgery.
  • Non-heterosexual and transgender people have higher rates of mental health problems (anxiety, depression, suicide), as well as behavioral and social problems (substance abuse, intimate partner violence), than the general population. Discrimination alone does not account for the entire disparity.

Second, a top researcher, Dr. Lisa Diamond, for the American Psychological Association (APA), is a lesbian activist.  She is co-author-in-chief of ‘the APA Handbook’ of sexuality and psychology and one of the APA’s most respected members.  She admitted that sexual orientation was “fluid” and not unchangeable.  By doing so, Dr. Diamond confirmed that the myth that “homosexuals can’t change” is now a dead-end theory.  She summarized the relevant findings in a lecture at Cornell University stating that abundant research has now established that sexual orientation – including attraction, behavior and self-identity – is fluid for both adolescents and adults for both genders.

Now, if self-contending gay friendly researchers can admit the truth why haven’t you heard about their conclusions until now?  Because their findings don’t fit the template intended to support the LGBQT cause.

Homosexual conduct goes back as far back in time as there has been people.  2000 years ago during the apostle Paul’s ministry there were people engaging in it one of the churches he planted.  When he discovered it he didn’t need a scientific study.  If the “I was born this way” claim was us it probably didn’t faze him one instant!  As he wrote in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, homosexual behavior could be stopped by the power and influence of Christ.  These people simply stopped doing something they were doing.  They didn’t stop being something they were.  People are born white, black, brown, blued eyed, short, tall, etc., things they cannot stop or change but some choose something they can stop- homosexual conduct!

But let’s entertain the notion that gay conduct is inherited shall we?  Let’s say that there’s breaking news today on all the  pro-gay legacy news outlets that they’ve found objective, verifiable, peer reviewed biological scientific evidence that there is such a thing as a gay gene!  Yes, there’s finally proof that there’s a true homosexual orientation!  They like to do that from time to time don’t they?  You know, word such things in such a way that comes across like this:  “They’re so close to finding that gene!  It just a matter of time now till they do!”  They never tell us about all the research studies that have come and gone and those still close, oh so close “but not cigar!”  outcomes.  All we have to do now (and I’m sure the oh so honest gay activists and their enablers would strongly encourage it) is perform an autopsy on the next gay person that dies to confirm it, right?

So a coroner would enter the brain cavity of the deceased and he’d pinpoint and examine that portion of it that controls the gay behavior.  What’s that?  No part of the brain like that exists?  Oh!  Well, then naturally everyone would encourage him to search the person’s genes. But, alas, there’s no gay gene either?  But that can’t be!  Everybody says it surely exists.  We have the tearful claims that “I was born that way!”   Those people couldn’t be making self serving lies!  After all they’re so sincere!  Sincere?  Yes, but sincerely wrong!

The true, cold, hard, unvarnished truth of the matter is this:  If there was a gay gene we’d all know about it wouldn’t we?  Gays wouldn’t have to do the dramatic posing and crying that “I was born that way” any more would they?  We’d all know about it because gays, their enablers in and out of the liberal churches, the advocates in the news media, academia, Hollywood and every day, ordinary citizen activists would never let us forget it!

But as we continue going along with the fantasy we encounter another problem: If a gay gene is found then what do we do with the pedophile?  For that matter what do we do with the kleptomaniac, the pyromaniac, and the robber, the wife beater, the rapist and all the rest?  Naturally, if we discover a gene for one behavior we’re going to find one for all those others too.  They’ll want their rights to do what they do and we can’t deny them now can we?   Can you just hear it now?:

“Judge you can’t send me to prison ‘cause I’ve known it all my life that I’m orientated to rob banks/rape/beat women/serial kill/”get it on” with little baby girls and boys, etc., etc!”

Imagine our state and federal legislators codifying the defense of “Enticement” for sexual assault and indecency with a child offenses!  Our criminal courts would then have to allow that defense claim for the accused who naturally was “born that way.”  Can you hear the typical defendant’s testimony on the witness stand?  It would go something like this:

“That 18 month old, the way she was swishing her butt around me!  I just couldn’t help myself!  She’s a regular working girl you know, the way she did that in front of me!  I was enticed!”

Tell me, are we ready to accept such nonsense?  I’m not.

Of course the same would go for the person who deeply, sincerely feels that he or she is orientated to committing the lesser violent anti-social deeds like promiscuity, theft, or committing fraud, etc. Can you see the chaos we’ve have if our ever hallowed regard for feelings were leading issues like this and running amuck in our communities?  You see this gay agenda with no hard, peer reviewed science behind it is essentially a religion just like it was in the ancient Greco-Roman world.

Even if a gay gene was ever really discovered naturally then “the world” would declare that it wasn’t a sin any longer but God would still condemn it.   See God doesn’t change.  Man does.  Man takes on this fad today then another tomorrow.  Man is the one who dabbles in lies and fantasy, not God.


Dover, K.J., Greek Homosexuality, Harvard University Press, copyright 1978.

*lifesitenews.com. The LGBT fraud has been exposed, and they’re definitely not happy about it”, 11/15/16, lifesitenews.com/opinion/deceit-and-lies-we-have-been-told-on-homosexuality.  Accessed 9/12/17.




2 thoughts on ““I was born that way!”

    1. It doesn’t matter what I think. What matters is what God thinks. He tell us he will eternally condemn to Hell all unrepentant homosexuals the same way he would unrepentant murderers, gossips, adulterers, thieves, and on and on. Stay tuned for my next post- It’s All About Love After All!

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