Are Teens Vulnerable to Go to Hell?

“But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousness are as filthy rags..” Isaiah 64:6.

Young people sin (like the rest of us) and unless they’re saved they can go to Hell for three reasons. #1, They do it by representation.  Adam and Eve’s sin was passed down thru the generations straight to them.  #2, They sin by nature.  No one has ever had to teach youngsters to lie, cheat or steal.  #3, They do it by choice.  They choose to defy and lie to their parents and authority figures, to back talk, to refuse to work or do homework.

Kids today have an entire world full of people of “the world” that for 24 hours a day every day are pulling at their heart strings, their imaginations, and tempting their sense of self-pleasure.  Often they’ve got good examples of un-Christian living right there in their own homes.  Their parents seldom if ever attend church.  They may fight, drink, gamble, view pornography or use filthy language in their presence.  Kids may live in a single parent household without a father figure. Some live in homes where their parents practice open marriage.  There aren’t many gay parented homes with kids in them now but just wait!

If the adults in their world aren’t screwing kids up enough there’s the filth that passes for entertainment all around them.  They’re basically raised by television, the movies, and the web, getting their values, ethics and morals from a sin ridden world.  The public schools they attend bombard them with the humanist dogma that it’s all about their self-esteem instead of serving God and their neighbor.  Yet with all that teaching and indoctrination they’re never taught that they can be called at any time to appear before the Lord for Final Judgment.

Consequently some think they’re bullet proof.  So they take risks.  They drive recklessnessly, engage in risky sports, and perform dangerous feats like they’ve seen on TV, the movies and, all with no training but eagerly watched by others like them in “the world.”  They experiment with drugs and the occult.  They play with guns.  They car surf, bungee jump, etc.  They even harm or kill themselves all without considering the eternal consequences.  In short their luck runs out and they end up in the presence of the Lord.

So, young people like all the rest of us have a problem.  They’re sinners.  Of course when it’s our own we tend to see them as the apple of our eyes.  They’re eternally toddlers, oh so innocent, cute and cuddly!  But hey, let’s be honest- they’re sinners just like their parents and their parent’s parents going all the way back to the Garden of Eden! God has certainly seen them that way and he’s acted on it!

For instance, the waters of the Great Flood contained many, many bloated and rotting bodies of not just babies, middle-agers and the old but teens.



When the two ancient major trading cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed there were thousands of young people killed by the fire that came from the sky.


When 42 young people mocked the prophet Elisha, God sent two bears that mauled and kill them all.

Ephesians 1:11 says that God “…works all things after the counsel of His will.”  This doesn’t mean that God causes people to die at early ages rather it’s His will to allow people to die early just as he allows people to sin.  He allows all of us to have free will.  That means we’re made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26), and have certain responsibilities, one of which is to face the consequences of our choices.

There’s a minimum age for getting a driver’s license, entering into a contract, getting married, achieving a professional license and even criminal liability.  Well, when it comes to salvation there is something called the age of accountability that comes onto kids somewhere in the range of say 8-14 years where they understand right from wrong.

Since every one of us is different God is the final judge of when each of us has reached the age of accountability.  For example if a 12 year old girl dies (doesn’t matter if it was by disease, accident, murder or suicide) and she never accepted Jesus of Nazareth as her personal savior nor lived her life like she meant it, and God determines she had the mental accountability to do so He will condemn her to Hell!  It won’t matter if she were on the fence about the issue either!  Being a god of righteousness He has no other choice than to do what He has warned he would do over and over again.  So in the case of this 12 year old she will kneel (forced to if need be) before Him, confess that he is Lord and Master then be sent off to Hell forever! So what is the solution?

Train your children and grandchildren up in the Lord so they reach for Him when trouble comes because it surely will.  Pray with them!  Encourage them to repent of their sins and accept The Christ as their personal savior and to ask for his Holy Spirit to accompany them on their daily walk, guiding their hearts and minds!  Take them to a young person’s funeral.  Talk with them about what happens after death.   Teach them that they are special and unique and they are never totally alone; that God knows everything about them and wants them to be his adopted children.  He has plans for them that “the world” and even they may not understand at the present.  Tell them no matter how bad times are bad times eventually fade away.  Overall teach them to hate the things God calls sin and love the things God loves.


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