Elitism & the Catholic Church. What Would Jesus Think?

“We need more than ‘conscience’ and ‘plain reason’ to fully and accurately understand the Bible”’ claimed a Cedar Park, Texas, Catholic priest in a local newspaper opinion article published in May of 2017.  It was the first hit piece I’ve seen directed at the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s defiance of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC).

In the article he tells of the falling out between Luther and a like minded associate which in this priest’s opinion demonstrates that without the Catholic Church alone interpreting Scripture nothing but calamity results.

My question is how or why does the Roman Catholic Church think God failed in inspiring the Holy Scriptures to be understandable to the common man? Where does such arrogance and elitism come from? Has any priest broke the bad news to God?

Of course now days that elitist attitude isn’t backed up with the torturing, maiming, and killing that for centuries the RCC used to kept the masses compliant,  ignorant and bible-less. Why rather recently parishioners have actually been allowed to read the Holy Bible for themselves! ‘Course whatever opinions one may come to after words had better line up with official Church interpretation!

Men like John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, and John Huss, known as Protestants, came along 500 to 600 years ago. They put their lives and fortunes in jeopardy just by having the opinions that much of the Catholic belief system had no biblical basis for it! Take any issue: The Apostle Peter supposedly appointed to be the first pope; the doctrine of purgatory and praying to the dead, praying to the saints, Mary worship; indulgences; penances; the priesthood, all are an abomination in God’s eyes and no where to be found in Scripture. Go ahead look for yourself!

To you Catholics out there.  We Protestants share so much with you that is biblical.  We share a belief in the Trinity, the immaculate conception of Christ, his birth, life, death and resurrection.  We appreciate you as staunch supporters of the Right to Life movement and we equally oppose euthanasia and more.  We agree on these things because they have a biblical basis for them.   But we part ways on the things that aren’t.  From Mary worship, papal infallibility, the equality to Scripture you give ritual and tradition, and purgatory we have no choice but to differ from you.  We care about your long term spiritual condemnation for standing by these things.  So stop reading your catechism, the Ex Cathedra pronouncements, canons and decrees.  Put away your rosary beads, candles, penances, indulgences and statutes of Mary.  Stop praying to Mary and the saints to intervene for you because God does not share power!   Simply read the Holy Bible by yourself for yourself and see if what you’re a part of lines up with Scripture!

I think if they were alive today, Wycliffe, Luther and Huss would agree with Jesus of Nazareth.   The Gospel accounts reveal the undeniable fact that He despised the Pharisees of THAT day.  It too was an elitist organization with an attitude that it and only it could interpret the Scriptures. It burdened the common man with onerous rituals and traditions all meant to benefit itself materialistically but only put distance between its practitioners and God.

Think of the irony- The Roman Catholic Church is perhaps the largest property holder in the entire world what with all its fine art, buildings, land holdings and villas, you name it!  Yet it’s an organization that holds itself out as representative of Jesus of Nazareth whose only worldly possession was the clothes he wore!  God is and was watching and waiting for each of these instigators and their blind followers over the centuries to appear for their appointed time to kneel before Him and suffer his white hot anger!  It wasn’t and won’t be pretty.

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