The Vulnerable Baby Jesus?

A local pastor commented about the just ended Christmas season in an opinion column in my local newspaper.  She wrote that she thought the baby Jesus demonstrated the vulnerability of God.  I take issue with that and here’s why:

Vulnerable:  “..capable of being physically wounded; open to attack or damage.”          Webster New Collegiate Dictionary, G. & C. Merriam Co., 1974.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God and the word was God…and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”  John 1:1 & 14a.

That lesson from the Gospel of John means the Christ child was the Creator in the Book of Genesis. He sent the Great Flood. He was the power that humbled Pharaoh. He parted the Red Sea then used a pillar of fire to block the Egyptian army as the Hebrews crossed it. He carved out the Ten Commandments and brought the walls of Jericho down. His fire consumed Elijah’s water-drenched sacrifice on Mount Carmel.   These events occurred on the command of “the Word,” i.e., a so-called vulnerable baby whose birth we celebrate every Christmas!   He even had helpers; beings He created we call angels.

Though silent and invisible to all but Him they existed to prevent the baby Jesus’ death by any means that would cheat His appointed way to die. One of them protected the child by telling Joseph to take him to Egypt. They rejoiced at His command of the Scriptures when as a young boy he held the attention of the Temple priests.   He cured the sick, raised the dead and willingly went to His betrayal as they watched. If authorized they could have killed all who arrested, cursed, spat upon, beat and whipped Him beyond recognition after he was arrested. They looked in horror as they saw the spikes driven into him and he was hung upright to die but He still never called for them.

What I’m getting at is this:  Even though he entered the world as a baby, Yeshua of Nazareth was no vulnerable child.  He was and is the god of the Old and New Testament.  He was in perfect control with a predetermined mission to offer himself as the savior, the sacrificial lamb for us all.  He was and is the only high priest the world would ever need!  There was nothing vulnerable about him or his intentions though he had his angels, the back-up muscle to call upon whenever he wanted to.  Alone He defeated death.  But we mortals we are indeed vulnerable; and some much more than others.

Some believe in and obey Him and strive to live in holiness, and service to Him. Then there are those that outright turn their backs on him, even hate Him!  Others minimize His existence trying to give Him qualities beneath his all mighty status. They pick and choose His teachings to heed then ignore His repeated warnings to repent; so much so they have a comfortable pride in doing it.  They are the ones who are vulnerable!

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