The Sinful Condition of the American Church

Since the legalization of sodomite marriage; in the wake of that terrible court decision people are singing and dancing in the streets over it.  Things once spoken of in whispers and done in the dark are now lawful and celebrated openly!  Week night television programming,  the movies, on-line and print publications now unashamedly offer up openly gay characters and themes.  In fact aren’t we seeing more programming with murder, revenge and all forms of decadence as central themes?  Frankly, I didn’t think American television could fall any further but the back wash of the gay agenda success seems to have dragged the state of TV morales even lower.

Many so called “churches” in the name of Christian compassion and love have gotten in on the act too and why not?  They turned from being places where praise and worship was offered to the Almighty to become centers of entertainment, self-improvement, self-enrichment, circuses and social justice institutions.  

Ask yourself this question: Does a soldier defy a lawful order from his superior? Does an employee disobey his employer?  Yet, self-described Christians defy God’s teachings about the sinfulness of the homosexual lifestyle. Why?  Psalm 36: 1, tells us why- they have no fear of God.  Ask these misguided false Christians and they’ll almost to a person tell you that God is all about love and only love; a god of their imaginations!  They pay no attention or will not accept the fact that He is also a god of reason, order and above all justice.   Frankly, they deny Him his entire personhood!

In 1933, FDR told the American public that it had nothing to fear but fear itself.  He was wrong.  We shouldn’t just be afraid.  We should be terrified, not of those who can kill our bodies but of the mighty one who can condemn our souls by casting them into Hell!

Will God use economic collapse, disease, pestilence, famine, or even war to punish us?   Since no man knows God’s intentions his true followers can only cling to the promise that their souls will not suffer the second death.  They submit to the commands of the mighty hands that created the universe, freed the Hebrews from Pharaoh, and foretold prophets of the world powers he would raise up then destroy like Sodom and Gomorrah.  

Out of agape love those true to the faith invite all others, terror stricken that their names will not be found in The Book of Life to kneel and submit to the cross before they draw their last breath.

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