Redefining What the Holy Bible Tells Us

There seems to be more and more churches today proclaiming Jesus of Nazareth, The Christ, as their savior but are looking for ways to change or reinterpret the Old and New Testaments to justify sinful conduct.  You’ve maybe attended or know about houses of worship under the banner of some social justice type gospel that overlooks one particular sin- the LGBT lifestyle.  There are over 7500 of them.  Don’t believe me?  Look up

In 2 Timothy 3:16, the Apostle Paul tells us that all scripture is “inspired” by God. The exact Greek word he used was “thӗŏpnӗustŏs” (pronounced as theh-op’-nyoo-stos) which means “divinely breathed.”  By doing so he was saying it was sufficient, authoritative, and true yet some still deny it.  In fact people not regenerated by the Holy Spirit will never understand it!

They think portions of the bible aren’t inspired or, despite being plainly written so that people living even centuries later can still understand it they insist it has hidden meanings and unless interpreted by the “right person” it isn’t reliable for divine truth.  Roman Catholicism for centuries denied their laity to own bibles over this reasoning.  Those depending on their own finite and sinful devices, interpretations and understanding find a way to declare that the Bible is okay with the LGBT lifestyle.  Any pastor and his flock that do this do so at their eternal peril!  The Lord has warned us by inspiring the Apostle John to write in Revelation 22: 18-19, that anyone tampering with, deleting or adding anything to scripture will be eternally condemned.

Is scripture being ignored, twisted or reinterpreted at your church or does your congregation consider themselves sinners unworthy of His divine grace and accept Him as the one true living god?  Do the members strive to bend their sinful lives to His will; not the other way around?  Does your church invite anyone seeking to escape the LGBT or any other sinful lifestyle to join but under the condition that the Gospel is meant to convert them from it, not accommodate it?  Maybe a frank, diplomatic discussion about the matter with your pastor will correct the matter.  I hope so but if it doesn’t don’t be deterred at the prospect of being called a “church hopper.”   Leave it and find another unlike it!

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