What Memorial Day is Really About

David Pouring out the water. Courtesy of Wikipedia.org
King David pouring out the water. Courtesy of Wikipedia.org

Three of King David’s mighty men, learning he was thirsty for the water of the well in Bethlehem, conducted an unauthorized raid on the Philistine army that stood between them and it. They fought their way there and back delivering some of it to their beloved king. David, understanding all they risked then refused to drink it. Instead of quenching his thirst he poured it onto the ground, sacrificing it to the Lord saying “Shall I drink the blood of these men who put their lives in jeopardy?” 1 Chronicles 11: 15-19.

What would it be like if each of us had an attitude like David towards those who have not only stepped forward offering their lives but have given them up for our country? What would happen if we spent our days in thanks, if not to the Lord then to our fallen mighty ones who not only died to defend our freedom and way of life but gave a taste of it to others around the world?

Wouldn’t we and our leaders be more insightful about what’s best for all of us? Wouldn’t we complain and distrust a little less? Whether we follow and worship the Lord or not, live godly lives or not we can pursue our dreams, careers and ambitions, all thanks to those who suffered the “first death” for our nation’s sake.

Finally, does a caring and compassionate society reduce Memorial Day to just celebrating the end of the school year, the start of summer, parades, a sports event, back yard cooking, or a day off from work?

John 15:13

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