Was There a Queen of Sheba & Did She Have All That Gold?

1 Kings 10:1-13, tells how 3000 years 220px-Betty_Blythe_Queen_of_Sheba_adjustedago the fabled Queen of Sheba visited Jerusalem to test the wisdom of King Solomon.  He impressed her and she gave him, among other things, 120 talents of gold from her mine.  In the 1st Century, Jesus of Nazareth refers to her in Matthew 12:42.

The earliest mentioning of the land of Sheba is found in Job 1:15, where Job receives news that Sabeans had killed some of his livestock; the first of many set-backs for him.  In Psalm 72:10, David sings of how the king of Sheba will offer gifts.  The Revised Standard Version of the Bible uses the term Sabeans but the Masoretic Text translates it to Sheba.  But is the biblical account of the Land of Sheba, the Queen of Sheba or her vast gold possession really true?  Can it be verified beyond just myth or legend?  We may soon have an answer to that question.

In early 2012, a British archeological team discovered what may ultimately be proof of her existence and her fabled mine.

The land of Sheba in ancient times occupied what we now call Ethiopia, parts of modern Somalia and Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula.

African Continent_SnapseedIn the farthest northwestern portion of Ethiopia, near its border with Eritrea, on a high plateau known as Gheralta, was found a 20 foot stone stele (or slab) carved with a sun and crescent moon, the “calling card” of the land of Sheba, in Sabaean, the language that the Queen of Sheba would have spoken.

On a mound nearby were found parts of columns and finely carved stone channels from a buried temple dedicated to the moon god, the main deity of Sheba.

On a nearby hill a shaft leading to what was once a mine is buried 4 feet down, the entrance bears a Sabaean chiseling.  Tests show the mine is extensive with a proper shaft and tunnel big enough to walk upright in.  Results of this on-going and authorized exploration and research may soon be revealed.  When it is you’ll find it here.   I doubt that our all too often secular news reporting agencies will even bring up the findings (unless of course they disprove the biblical reference).  So do re-visit, or better yet scroll back to the top of the page and “Follow” me.


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2 thoughts on “Was There a Queen of Sheba & Did She Have All That Gold?

  1. Very interesting. I’m sure most people don’t know what the Bible says about the Queen of Sheba and some who do think it is just a fable. It is good when science proves what God has said. It is sad that people don’t know that the Bible and science do not contradict each other. Thank you for sharing this with us on Spiritual Sundays.

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