Your Body Isn’t Your Own

Pretty provocative title isn’t it?  Yes, your body is not yours.  Oh you may have a legal right to put anything into it, or etch or mark anything on it but God says your body belongs to him.

In Leviticus 19:28, God clearly says that we shouldn’t mar or tattoo our bodies.

That’s because such things were done by the pagan societiesbody piercings 2 that occupied the Middle East before he guided the Hebrew people there.  The heathens, in times of bereavement, or even in communicating with their gods would use ink or paint, even hot irons on themselves!  Some Jews took up such practices while captive in Egypt.  God didn’t want his first chosen people to take up even the slightest of these practices.  He considered them sinful then and even now no matter how cool or hip you or I do.

In 1 Corinthians 6:19, it states: “Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own?”  Now, keep in mind that this question comes near the end of Chapter Six, one dedicated to teaching us to avoid sexual immorality.  It says we are not to violate our bodies by sex before marriage, or adultery, idolatry, or gay sex (think of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases).  It’s telling us that if we’re true Christians we will recognize and accept that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, that we are not our own.

Yes, even an atheist’s or pagan’s body belongs to God.  None of us in or out of the faith should misuse the body we’ve been given.  That means we shouldn’t smoke cigarettes, overeat, use hard drugs, or misuse alcohol.  Nor should we do things to them to draw attention to ourselves like, ta-dah!- tattooing!

What about people who were “born again” after getting a tattoo?  They should take heart if they have repented of it and accepted Christ as their personal savior.  They should be symbolically marked for Christ, on the inside, in their Tattoo Handhearts and not worry about being stuck with a tattoo.  He knows our bodies are porous.  Just don’t get another one.

Marring Our Bodies

When the pagan prophets who squared off against Elijah on Mount Carmel couldn’t get their gods, Baal and Asherah, to appear and light the sacrificial fire they had prepared, they started cutting themselves.  Their blood gushed out as they danced and cried toward the sky but all to no avail.  Intentionally harming ourselves is something the Christian god would never call on us to do under any circumstances.

Slaves & Body Piercings

Psalm 40, predicts the coming of the Christ.  In verse 6 it says:  “Sacrifice and offering You did not desire; My ears You have opened, burnt offering and sin offering You did not require.”

That “My ears You have opened,” part refers to when a Jewish slave didn’t want to leave his master.

Under God’s rules slaves had to be released after serving a master for six years.  It wasn’t uncommon for a slave to want to continue working under a Jewish master because they fared so much better in treatment and respect than those who didn’t.  (See my article titled “Slavery on God’s Terms”).  The slave who wanted to stay would voluntarily endure having an ear pierced.  Sounds okay but remember this was before ice or Novocain.

The slave would place his head up against something sturdy like a door.  Then someone would drive a slender, ice pick like spike through the lobe of the slave’s ear against the door creating a hole for an ear ring.  Naturally it hurt and probably bled a lot but it would eventually heal and a type of ornament could then be worn in it.  This was the slave’s outward sign of an inward willingness to serve his master for life.  Why a slave didn’t just wear a sign or some other notice of his voluntary service beats me but it’s a pretty sure thing that God didn’t approve of this type piercing either though it was voluntary.

Either way, in verse 6, God is saying: “Look, I really don’t want sacrifices or offerings. I want to open your ear (symbolically). I want you to submit yourself to a life of service to me.”

Christ gave the best example of the open heart.  He came as foretold.  He humbled Himself in the likeness of man; not a wealthy or powerful man but as a servant.

God Approved Marring of Bodies

There are circumstances where God allowed the marring of the body.

One was circumcision.  It was commanded by God as early as Genesis 17.  Good Jews obeyed it.  Yet it was God’s intention that this practice would be temporary.

Check out Deuteronomy 10:16, where He said that we must have instead a circumcision of our hearts.  He wasn’t talking about open heart surgery either.  No, we were to have a change of heart towards him.  Go forward in time to Galatians 6:15, where it further stresses that circumcised or not isn’t important for salvation.

This idea of having a new heart for God is brought up again thousands of years later in Colossians 2:11, which raised the call for a changed heart to an even higher level. Its talking to us about a circumcision done without the use of hands by “…putting off the body of the sins of the flesh, by the circumcision of Christ.”  It means that when we are really born again we have a new, tender heart to know, obey and follow Him.

Here are other legitimate body piercing references found in the bible:  Psalm 22:16, “…they pierced my hands and feet…;”  Zachariah 12:10, “then they will look on me who they have pierced…;”  John 19:36-37, “For these things were done that the Scripture should be fulfilled, ‘Not one of His bones shall be broken.’”

Notice how these legitimate calls for piercings were all in context to the sacrifice Christ made on the cross?


We belong to God.  We shouldn’t have tattoos or piercings.  I know lots ofThe famaliar ear piercing people (especially women) after reading this will be disturbed that I’m including the nice piercings for earrings that women have worn for, well, forever.  I’ve love ’em myself (of course I’m a guy and it isn’t my ear being drilled) but hey, we either do things our way or God’s way, right?  He’s either our true lord and master or he isn’t.

The pagans did and do these type things.  However, He understands if we have one tattoo or our whole body is covered with them that we’re probably stuck with them.  The same goes for body piercings.  A person who before being saved got a tattoo or piercing would now, since he or she is a Christian, regret it and as a sign of obedience not wear an ornament in the opening (get clip-on earrings) or have any more skin markings.

All of us in the faith have visible and invisible signs of the former lives we once lived.  He knows we can’t change some of them that can be seen.  What he wants though is a change of our hearts towards him.  He wants that change to be reflected in our daily walk with Him.

The key term here is “Sanctification.”  It is a term unique to the Christian faith.  It’s that crucial phase of our relationship with the Christ that so often isn’t talked about in the pulpit.  It’s where we actually stop doing, thinking and saying the things he calls sinful.  We strive to give up our old, sinful lives.  It’s like taking a bath not only on the outside but inside our bodies too.  Hebrews 12:14, tells us that without achieving holiness we cannot be admitted into heaven.  With the help of the Holy Spirit it is a personal, daily commitment to gradually become holy and reverent, almost but never totally like Christ, for the rest of our earthly walk.   Thanks be to our Lord who is merciful and forgiving, the god of second chances!

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