Ignoring Biblical Truth & Hijacking Juliette Gordon Low’s Creation

Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low (center) & (courtesy of wikileaks.org)

By now you’ve probably heard that the Boy Scouts of America is allowing openly gay boys to join its membership.  I suppose given the times we live in, with the rejection of Biblical teaching, it was inevitable.  After all the American Girl Scouts were doing it so why not the boys?  Their leaderships apparently don’t care about what the god of the universe, or the founder of the Girl Scouts – Juliette “Daisy” Magill Kinzie Gordon Low, thinks about what they’ve done.

To this day the board of governors still proudly tell, and the girls still learn the story of, how Daisy founded the organization.  But if it was possible for her to speak, or if she could rise up from the grave, I think she might have her own opinion about the gay movement infiltrating it.  Agh, but in reality she was called up to receive her final reward from the Lord all those decades ago.  Still there is a way she can speak to us, to give her two cents worth about this gay agenda that has been foisted upon her organization.

As the 100th year since its founding on March 12th, 1912, approached new books commemorating the occasion were published.  One of them, Stacy A. Cordery’s, Juliette Gordon Low, the Remarkable Founder of the Girl Scouts, provides just enough between the lines details about the life of its subject that you can get a pretty clear idea that going pro-gay is not what she would have wished.

When “Daisy” (that was the nickname given her in her infancy) began what would eventually be known as the Girl Scouts of the United States (hereinafter referred to as “the GSUSA”), the nation as a while still held to the beliefs of the Christian god of the Bible.  Daisy was born into a wealthy Savannah, Georgia home, in the year 1860.  Her parents were Christians and they trained her up in the faith1 believing that all people are sinners.That training would one day lead her to want to do something profoundly good to benefit the world around her.

Growing up during the Civil War and its aftermath, the period known as “Reconstruction”, there is no doubt that she saw ruin, famine, and poverty.  Her faith certainly compelled her with an indelible desire to do something to make life better for the widows and orphans, and the all-around needy who survived those terrible years.  She didn’t want the life and social status she was blessed with to go to waste.   She must have felt there was something “un-Christian” about that happening.  Lots of ladies of the time were expected to never become involved in such tragic matters as suffering and want amongst the lower classes.  Daisy was different.  She actually believed and lived her faith.

In fact an 1858 poem that was popular in Daisy’s lifetime castigated those who wasted their lives:

The Spirit grieves

O’er years of wasted life;

O’er sins indulged

While conscience slept,

O’er vows and promises un-kept,

And reap, from years of strife-

Nothing but leaves!

“The poem concluded with the fearsome thought that on judgment day such a soul would bring not ‘golden sheaves’ to lay ‘at the Savior’s feet’ but instead, ‘nothing but leaves.’”3

But before she created the GSUSA Daisy led a normal life like most of us.  She married in 1886, and obediently followed her husband to live in England, but the marriage was troubled.  William Mackay Low turned out to be a bit of a scoundrel.  He spent his days gambling, drinking and cheating on Daisy.  It got so bad after a number of years that the couple separated.  This distressed Daisy as it would any committed Christian woman.  She believed divorce was morally wrong.4   She wanted to reconcile with William but he was set on living the marriage institution under less than Biblical terms.  Unfortunately, he died in 1905.  Daisy dealt with the occurrence of his death as she did in all the other tragedies in her life.  She had a compassion for him that can only come from one source- the Lord.5

General Robert Baden-Powell, Founder of Scouting (courtesy of wikileaks.org)

She traveled abroad after her husband’s death and one day in 1911, she encountered a famous British military officer.  His name was General Robert Baden-Powell.  He started an organization that boys and young men of his country could join that taught them “to fear God, honor the King, help the weak and distressed, reverence women and be kind to children, train themselves to the use of arms for defense of their country, [and] sacrifice themselves, their amusements, their property, and, if necessary their lives for the good of their fellow-countrymen.”6

The whole idea intrigued Daisy.  She thought something like that was needed for young women in the United States.  Besides, all of her adult life she was seeking a way to defy the societal expectations for people in her position to be “the idle rich.”  She wanted her life to amount to more than that of a “kept female.”

The more she thought about it she came to some definite conclusions:  Her girls group would be something any girl could join.  Whether a minority, or handicapped, or an outcast for no fault of her own, Daisy’s organization would take such girls and teach them to become self-sufficient women, ready to one day run a household or business, and above all to have fun in the process.  They would be taught the skills, social graces, etiquette, and morals to keep themselves pure and to prepare them for anything in the way of opportunity or even tragedy that life could one day bring.  Like General Baden-Powell, her organization would teach them all these things under the auspices of serving the Lord and country.

At the time when she founded the organization in 1912, America was experiencing the industrial revolution.  It was a time when new found fortunes were being made like never before.  Huge numbers of people were swarming to the factory cities, leaving their farms for the promise of steady wages.  But with this wave of new opportunity came problems.

Daisy’s organization (as well as those competing with hers) “..met a growing demand to save America’s children.  Crowded, rapidly industrializing cities were hotbeds, reformers believed, of juvenile delinquency.  Any number of bad influences could exert an unwholesome pressure, robbing young people of their childhood.”7   Though the different groups had slightly varying tactics and means to address these concerns, all of them had something in common.  They wanted their young men and women members to become patriotic, skilled in numerous life activities, and above all moral, and helpful to everyone and anyone they encountered.

Only a few short years later she would resign in 1920, and pass on into eternity in 1927.  Since then people and organizations with ulterior motives very different from Daisy’s have successfully hijacked her once wonderful young woman’s organization to use it as a tool for ungodly causes.

In the 1970’s the GSA allowed feminist icon Betty Friedan to have a seat on its national governing board.  Friedan is famous for supporting the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), the creation of the National Organization for Women (NOW), and the National Reproductive Action League (NRAL), as well as her involvement in opposition to the early 1990’s proposed legislation titled the Pornography Victims Compensation Act.  In the 1980’s it allowed lesbians to become scouts and troop leaders.  Since then one only needs to identify with being a girl to be admitted.

At its 52nd annual convention in Houston in November of 2011, a runner-up to the organization’s 100th anniversary, the headliners and speakers included:  ABC reporter Katie Couric, proud spokesperson for all left type causes.  It also included Entertainer Sarah Bareilles, who built her career performing and speaking at homosexual events and a performer in a gay film; the City of Houston’s mayor Annise Parker was invited.  Was it to make a presentation about the proper use of public funds to oversee a city?  No.  She was there primarily because she is a lesbian; Rice University’s sociologist Stephen Kleinberg, a prominent researcher on LGBTQ acceptance; Jodie Winterhoff, former first lady Clinton’s campaign strategist and VP of a relief organization known as CARE, a leading international abortion advocate.

The author of “Gagged and Bound” and naturally a basher of then President Bush 43’s signing of the federal ban on partial birth abortions, feminist leader and Democrat party activist, Swanee Hunt, was there too.  C.J. Golden, a believer in a gender neutral society and women becoming more defiant to all things considered “normal” was there.  She’s allowed to spread her radical beliefs all over the country appearing before local GSUSA councils.  Her taogirl.com site advocates for a spiritual awareness outside of biblical teaching.  It has links to Girl Zone and Teen Wired, and Planned Parenthood.  These are web sites for teens that expound on her beliefs.

Daisy Gordon Low’s once proud organization also has ties to very left wing concerns.  For instance it belongs to and financially supports the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) which pushes for controversial social policies including abortion and sex rights for children.  GSUSA is its single largest organizational funder.  In fact, every American girl who joins a Girl Scout troop is made a de facto member of this radical group.  You can read more on the subject.8  Just visit speaknowgirlscouts.com for more questions that the leadership of the GSUSA are embarrassed to answer and other up-to-the minute attempts to show just what the modern, post Daisy era GSUSA has become.

Now, keep in mind that the average young girl and maybe even her parents are totally ignorant of what really lies behind the façade of the GSA.  So don’t hold the parents responsible; that is unless they’re aware of how Daisy’s ideals have been dumped for more radically different ones.

To conclude, laws criminalizing sexual acts forbidden by the Bible were on the books in Georgia, and around the world all through Daisy’s lifetime.9  Yet, there is no record of the slightest expression of her concern over them or even the feeblest attempt to advocate their being overturned.  She believed in the Biblical definition of marriage.  She believed in the Christian concept of charity and mercy; and I have no doubt she believed in the Biblical condemnation of the immoral GLBTQ lifestyle.

Now I ask this question: What kind of regard is due someone who takes a wonderful idea that a dead relative or friend started only to pervert it into something that was never intended?  Would you stand idly by and let someone you know or love to become victimized by it?  Daisy Low has been stone cold in the grave since 1927, but if she were alive today I think she would answer that question with a resounding, loud “No!” even if it was of her creation.

How about you?  Should your granddaughter, daughter, niece, or friend who have joined or are contemplating joining the GSUSA do so without giving them all of the facts?  Satan loves deceit.  It’s one of his best tools, along with ignorance and slothfulness.

Do you still want your daughter to enter a faith based organized effort to grow and mature into a sound, level-headed, moral human being?  There are alternatives to the GSUSA.  One of them for instance is American Heritage Girls.  Perhaps there others, if so do look for them.


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