The Continuing Mystery of the Shroud of Turin

It has been examined, tested and re-tested.  Its been scrutinized in every conceivable way known.  Some have come away convinced it is the actual burial cloth of Jesus Christ.  Some have not.  But no one can explain how the images on the garment got there.

One interesting thing about the cloth is the images rest on the top of the fabric.  Imagine an average sized male body, say five feet ten inches long, with a single sheet covering the top and bottom of it.  The cloth would start from under the feet to over and under the head continuing to under the feet.  The image displayed on the shroud is not on the inside of the sheet and bleeding through to the outside, rather it rests on the top of the sheet.  It doesn’t bleed through from where the body, front or back, touched it.

Another strange fact is the images on the portion of the shroud under the body do not show the back, legs, or arms pressed against the burial surface it laid on.  Instead, the images show a three dimensional image of the backside of a man whose torso was abused according to the biblical account of Christ.  A possible explanation, cited by numerous scientists, is what is called an “Event Horizon.”  View this six plus minute explanation.

Imagine how the resurrection of Christ could not be a universal event!  Still skeptics abound but at least for now we can assuredly conclude that the image on the Shroud of Turin is that of a real human form, a scourged then crucified man. It is not the product of an artist, nor some kind of fake.  No replica of it has ever been successfully produced. Even the blood stains on it, precisely positioned where they should be, are composed of hemoglobin and tested positive for serum albumin the most abundant protein in blood.

This mystery may someday be solved.  But if every possible known means of making such images cannot account for them, given the age of the garment and what is on it, is there any other alternative to considering the phenomenon divine in origin?  The Bible does say His ways are mysterious.

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