Is the Earth Unique for Scientific Exploration?

Because of the unique size of the earth, the moon and the sun, and their distances from each other, our planet is an almost perfect platform for scientists to study the spectral light created by the sun’s chromosphere during a solar eclipse and the physics and chemistry revealed by the “flash spectrum.”

The earth’s atmosphere (when compared to those of other planets) not only sustains complex life but is transparent, making it ideal for observation of the other planets of our solar system and the space beyond.

It also protects us from solar radiation which is composed of  gamma, x-ray, ultraviolet, infrared, microwave, etc.  Most of these are invisible and either lethal or useless to organic life.  Yet the same atmosphere allows only that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is essential for sustaining life to pass through.

The earth’s position in the solar system, specifically its orbiting distance around the sun, places our world inside a habitable zone.  Any closer to the sun and the earth’s rotation would be slowed down by the sun’s gravitational pull, and our weather would become more Mars like, dry and arid on the sunny side and cold and life threatening on the dark side.  If the earth were any further away from the sun it would become much colder, threatening life all over it.

The placement of our solar system is inside a “galactic habitable zone,” inside the Milky Way Galaxy.  Its about half way between the center, where a black hole is believed to be, and the outermost spiral arms where the heavier elements needed for life are few.  We are also placed “just so” in a habitable zone between our galaxy’s spiral arms so we’re not too close to where violent star formations and super novas occur.    Follow this link to get a better understanding of our galaxy and earth’s place inside it.

From this vantage point we also enjoy clear views outside of the galaxy and toward the rest of the Universe.  To better understand the vast distance relationship between our earth and the universe check out this link.

The physical constants, primary law and forces (gravitational force, nuclear force, electromagnetic force, etc.) that make life on earth possible are all “finely tuned.”  Change or eliminate just one of these slightly and complex life could not happen.  See the article “Is Complex Life on the Earth Unique by it’s Existence?”

These necessary formulas or constants are applicable to the entire universe, and are discoverable, observable, understandable and repeatable.  They are gifts from an all knowing supreme being who thought of everything that we, his adored children would need to live life to its fullest abundance.

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